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Lucy Salek

I have lived in and around Lewisham almost my entire life. I’m passionate about getting a better deal for the area I’m proud to call home.

I was the first in my family to go to university and since then have spent most of my career in the charity sector, helping communities come together. I volunteered for a mental health charity for seven years and now lead a local charity supporting refugees in our community.


Lewisham charity work

I feel it is important to do my bit in the local community so I have dedicated much of my free time to volunteering with local charities.

I spent seven years helping people with mental health issues at the New Cross branch of the Samaritans. Now I’m chair of the local charity, Action for Refugees in Lewisham, ensuring that some of the most vulnerable in our area have the support they need to make a new life in London.

Campaigning against Brexit

Like most people in Lewisham, I voted to Remain in the EU and like so many of us I’m concerned about the impact Brexit is going to have on our area.

It is taking longer and proving much more complicated and expensive than anyone expected. That’s why I’m leading the campaign locally to ensure people get a final say on the deal. If the public don’t like the deal on offer, we should have the chance to stay in the EU.

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Lucy with local father and son


A career helping those in need

I have worked in the aid sector for over a decade, helping people in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. I have particularly focused on what needs to be done in areas blighted by war and conflict. I’ve spent time on the ground in places like Afghanistan, Bosnia and the Sudan, working with families affected by ethnic cleansing.

Last year I set up my own organisation to provide assistance to charities on how best to serve the communities they support.

My global experience will help my work here at home in Lewisham. I know how to tackle the social divisions that are growing around us and make our area safer and more united.

A local champion

I’ve lived in and around Lewisham almost all my life and believe charity starts at home - I really want to make a difference locally.

Whether through my work with the Lewisham refugee charity, or as a volunteer Samaritan, I have spoken to and tried to help thousands of local people looking for support to get their lives back on track.

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Lucy Salek and Vince Cable in Lewisham


Making Lewisham safer

Gun and knife crime in Lewisham is on the rise. Young and vulnerable people in particular face unacceptable danger on our streets. Local people deserve much better and working to cut violent crime is one of my top priorities.

Our police are underfunded and mismanaged but we need more than just extra officers on the beat. We must have a solution that tackles the root causes - deprivation, resentment and inequality - to most effectively solve this problem.

Looking after our area

I’m proud to be born and raised in this part of London. It’s vibrant, diverse and full of incredible people. But the Labour council has neglected us for too long and our streets are in desperate need of attention.

Flytipping and littering are rampant and the people in charge don’t seem to care enough to do something about it. I’m working to make Lewisham a place we can all be proud of. It’s time to end Labour’s complacency, roll our sleeves up and help shape the local community we want to live in.


Between voluntary work and running my own charity organisation I don’t have much free time.

But when I do, I like to make the most of living in London, taking in local markets and places to eat with my friends.

I’ve also written a book about working with faith communities in conflict.


Ahmed from Lee Green is backing Lucy

"Lucy would be the perfect person to take over from Heidi Alexander, continuing her work as a strong local champion for Lewisham in Parliament.”

- Ahmed, Lee Green

Charmaine from Blackheath is backing Lucy

“I’ve known Lucy all her life. She is Lewisham through and through. She understands the area, knows the issues people face and has the skills to make a real difference.”

- Charmaine, Blackheath

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