Cleaning up Labour's mess

Fly-tipping and littering are on the rise in Lewisham.

By Lewisham Lib Dems, May 22, 2018 1:05

Lewisham is paying the price of Labour neglect with fly-tipping and littering are on the rise.

The blame lies squarely at the feet of the local Labour council who have been accused by residents of taking the area for granted.

After running the council for 40 years, many people fear local Labour bosses are complacent and failing to tackle the problems facing local residents.

Lewisham campaigner Lucy Salek said,

“I’ve lived in the area almost all my life and as the streets get dirtier, the council seems to do less and less about it.

“It’s not good for Lewisham to have a super-safe Labour council that isn’t challenged to do better. You can see that they’ve just stopped listening to what people round here are really concerned about, day to day.

“We need an MP who will hold the council to account and ensure they do more to create the Lewisham local people deserve.

“We all know the Council has less money than before, but all the more reason to spend what it does have on things residents really want, like keeping our streets clean.”

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